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Farmer Copleys Little Bees Workshop


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Bee’s are our one of our favourite things here at Farmer Copleys and after the installation of our amazing glass beehive in the farm shop, we’ve learned so much about Bees and how important they are to all of us! This gave us an idea to hold a Bee activity morning on Saturday 15th June with plenty of bee related things to do as well as educating our future generation on the importance of bees! With the help of our very own beekeeper Ivor, you’ll have the opportunity to try on a beekeeper’s outfit, take a microscopic look at the bees, creating your very own bee designed ‘plant pot’, with a bee friendly plant which you can take home. Also, we’ll be tasting different types of honey and honey related foods, visiting our glass beehive and meeting the queen as well as making your very own candle out of beeswax. The session should last around 90 minutes to 2 hours and our start time will be 9:30am and all children should be accompanied by a responsible adult and our event will start upstairs in The Barn.    

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